What You Need To Know About Taco Bell's New Triplelupa

For run-for-the-border fans who embrace the belief that bigger is better, Taco Bell is ready to feed the need with its new Triplelupa. Calling its latest creation "the ultimate reinvention" of the chain's popular chalupa, Taco Bell boasts that the Triplelupa features its "longest shell ever," packing in three flavors, plus double the seasoned beef of a traditional chalupa, in its "first ever tear-apart menu item." 

The three-flavor promise might be slightly misleading, as the Triplelupa actually bookends its trio of connected mini-chalupas with two flavors that combine in the middle: One end is drenched in Nacho Cheese, the other end in Chipotle sauce, and the middle portion mixes both for the Cheesy Chipotle section. This marks the latest in a long line of chalupa remixes since the original hit the menu in 1999 — over the years, Taco Bell has played with fillings (like with the Bacon Club Chalupa, circa 2002), sizing (2010's XXL Chalupa) and even flavored shells, as with 2019's Toasted Cheddar Chalupa (via Thrillist).

The Taco Bell Triplelupa is finally rolling out nationwide

Taco Bell undertook years of testing before unleashing the Triplelupa to the American masses. According to Fox News, the triple-threat chalupa (which the chain dubbed "a great shareable item") was offered as a trial in Orange County, California, in 2018, and made its way to Minneapolis-area menus in early 2019. Fast forward to 2020, and Newsweek notes that the Triplelupa will be a limited-time-only offer starting March 12, at participating locations, for $3.59. 

Luckily, early reviews from YouTubers in test markets have broken down the new menu item in advance of its nationwide launch. Ian from Peep This Out Reviews called the Triplelupa a "pretty cool gimmick" that bursts with "cheesy goodness" and chipotle smokiness, but singled out the middle (with both flavors) as the "best part by far," for an overall review of 8.3 of 10. 

Justin with Fast Food Pit Stops, despite initially being intimidated by its "messy" and "awkward" format, declared, "I am in heaven" after trying all three portions, landing the Triplelupa an 8.5 of 10. 

But Shad from No Star Reviews was less impressed, calling the "new monstrosity" from Taco Bell "average at best" and "nothing spectacular," advising consumers to "just get a chalupa" instead. 

Now, with the Triplelupa hitting stores across the country, chalupa enthusiasts can judge for themselves.