What You Need To Know About Spam Fries

Hawaiians eat 7 million cans of it a year, our grandparents have a shelf in their garage filled with the stuff, and according to Spam, every second nearly 13 cans of it are consumed. Is it possible for Spam to be any more beloved? Well, they've introduced a new line that marries their product — which is already a cult favorite — with something just about every human on the planet loves: fries.

What in the world are Spam Fries? Allow Spam to explain for themselves: "Any day can be Fryday when you cook up Spam Fries! Ready to eat in minutes, these lightly breaded strips made from the same ingredients as the iconic Spam classic are perfect to add some Spiced Ham flavor to your favorite recipes or as a snack on their own." And with that we are completely sold. The company has listed the product as having limited availability in some stores, but it's been spotted out in the wild already (via Delish).

Spam Fries are in limited supply

So far Spam Fries sightings seem to be limited to H-E-B, a Texas-based grocery store. Instagram users have been grabbing shots of the fry-shaped pork fritters with shock and excitement. You'll find them in the freezer aisle if you're lucky.

According to Spam, a box of the new product contains 4.5 servings, each of which has 300 calories, and comes along with 29 percent of your total fat for the day. They're easy to bake and ready to eat in minutes, so basically they're the perfect snack or wild-card accomplice to a main dish. The question is: Are three Spam Fries worth more than a quarter of your daily fat intake? 

If you're feeling impatient and want the product now but shelves are empty in store near you, you're in luck. Spam has a recipe to make your own at home. The recipe calls for classic spam, peanut oil, and ketchup or stir fry sauce for dipping. While this homemade version isn't breaded, there are loads of other recipes available that are similar to the brand's frozen option. Excessive salivation is overtaking us all, so before it's too much to bear, go out and fill your craving one way or another.

No saying how long this crunchy Spam treat will be available, so get 'em while you can.