Twitter Reacts To The Grocery Store Foods No One Is Buying

Although the novel coronavirus has been bad news for all of us, grocery stores felt a big boom when anxious citizens began hoarding items like bread and bottled water. Unfortunately for certain food companies, though, no one was trying to hoard what they had to offer. Twitter users have recently started documenting everyone's least favorite grocery items with some truly hilarious results, and really, humor is a welcome rarity during this pandemic. Without further delay, here are the grocery store stragglers...

In Boston, soup shelves were empty — well, sort of. Manhattan clam chowder seemed to be the only cans left behind. One Twitter user remarked, "Even in a plague, New Englanders refuse Manhattan Clam Chowder," and another Bostonian noted, "Even during a global pandemic, nobody in Boston eats Manhattan clam chowder."

And if you're an American in Italy who loves pineapple pizza, you're in luck because that's all you. Italians don't like fruit on pizza, as proven by one Twitter user in Rome who responded to the soup Boston debacle with a picture of empty freezers, save for that pineapple pizza. "...and Italians refuse American Pinapple [sic] Pizza," he said.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah posted a video compilation of unwanted items to Twitter, and it seems that Beyond Burger patties, onion hamburger buns, and condiment mashups like Heinz Mayochup all remain on grocery store shelves. But let's be honest, did we really think many people would consider Mayochup and canned sliced conch an essential worth hoarding?

We aren't buying vegetable alternatives during the pandemic

It seems that people aren't as worried about traditional carbs in the face of a pandemic, so cauliflower pasta and cauliflower pizza seem to be flopping. One California Bay Area shopper tweeted, "Perhaps my favorite part of the apocalypse has been pics of the food no one will buy. This shelf was empty. Except for... wait for it... cauliflower pasta mac and cheese... my six year old says he's glad I passed on it."

Trader Joe's shoppers took to Twitter with images of empty refrigerators, too — with the exception of an overabundance of carrot spirals (you know, carrot "noodles"), that is. One Twitter user noted, "There's no love for the carrot spirals." 

Another Trader Joe's fan in DC noted that no one seems to want the chain's chocolate hummus right now either, tweeting, "Somehow reassuring in the midst of #coronavirus shopping frenzy to know that people still have the sense *not* to buy #chocolatehummus and buffalo hummus." Hard to argue with the facts on that one...

Shrimp ramen, Dasani, and Corona beer remain on shelves after coronavirus panic-buying

Apparently no one likes shrimp-flavored instant ramen even as a last option. One shopper, upon seeing only the pink packages left on shelves, observed, "Y'all really hating on the shrimp ramen that much???" The cheap college kid food has an apparent weak spot in the form of crustacean flavoring.

Feeling thirsty? Well, if you're a big Dasani water fan then there's no need for you to rush to stock up. "What #Dasani do to people???" one water shopper asked after finding it the one and only brand available. Apparently people would rather be dehydrated than drink Dasani right now.

Across the store, yogurt lovers are saying no to plain Chobani, as one sweetened yogurt fan discovered when their grocery store was left only with the flavorless stuff. "and... of course nonfat plain Greek yogurt," they lamented.

Panic-shoppers are obviously hungry for bacon, just not a certain variety: "Bacon section. No one wants jalepeño bacon," one would-be bacon buyer shared

Lastly, you've got Corona beer, a brand who is surely regretting their name choice right about now. "The beer shelves at my parent's nearest @sainsburys today... Give @corona a break. They have nothing to do with #Covid_19," one beer shopper tweeted, after finding only Corona left on shelves. Spoiler alert: Corona beer is in no way associated with COVID-19.

Moral of the story? If any of these items are your jam, you can definitely relax a bit. They're in stock and waiting to be purchased.