Does Iceberg Lettuce Really Have Any Nutritional Value?

Whether iceberg lettuce has made you feel a little less guilty about eating a big burger, or it's been the base for your taco salad, chances are you have encountered the near-flavorless (and super common) green veggie at some point. Iceberg lettuce has something of a bad reputation, though, for having little to no nutritional value. Though the crisp and crunchy vegetable consists of 96 percent water, it does, however, have quite a few vitamins and minerals worth noting (via Cooking Light).

Apart from its high water content (which is good for you), iceberg lettuce also provides a good amount of vitamins A and K (via Healthline). Vitamin A is known for keeping eyes healthy, and it's also great for cell growth. Vitamin K works along with calcium, (which this lettuce is also a source of) to help keep bones strong, and it's also vital for blood clotting. Folate, potassium, and vitamin C can also be found in iceberg lettuce. This means that, although dark green leafy vegetables have more nutrition, iceberg lettuce is not worthless.

What iceberg lettuce is great for

Since iceberg lettuce has essentially no flavor thanks to its high water content, the crunchy lettuce is a favorite among kids. This makes it a great introductory green for kids when learning to eat salad and other leafy vegetables. The cool and refreshing lettuce is also a welcome ingredient on sweltering days, especially because it helps pack more hydration too.

To make the most of iceberg lettuce, pair it with other colorful, healthy vegetables. This will help pack even more nutrients and more vitamins and minerals into your meal. Iceberg lettuce goes great atop a juicy burger obviously, but it can also be a nice addition to a sandwich wrap. Leaf iceberg lettuce can even be used in place of bread to cut down on calories and carbs for a lighter option. Iceberg is perfect for wedge salads and crudités while shredded lettuce is often used for taco salads. Wedges of iceberg are great on the grill to amp up the flavor with that smoked or chargrilled hint (via Bon Appetit). 

So don't write off iceberg lettuce, and get creative with how and where you use it in your cooking.