The Reason Gordon Ramsay Made Hot Ones' Sean Evans Nervous

Let's be honest — we would all start to sweat during an interview with Gordon Ramsay. The celeb chef is known for his dramatic (and some would even say abusive) outbursts of rage in the kitchen (via Vocal Media). But why did Sean Evans, who's interviewed loads of people, feel so uncomfortable around the chef?

If you didn't know, Evans' show Hot Ones is based on an overwhelmingly entertaining premise. "It's a show with hot questions and even hotter wings," is the opening of each YouTube episode, and it is the perfect synopsis of the show. 

Celebrities from all mediums sit down with Evans for an interview, but there's the twist: They have to eat hot wings. And not just your run-of-the-mill hot wings. Nope — the guests eat 10 spicy chicken wings that are each slathered in a unique (and increasingly spicy) hot sauce. The classic appetizers we all love start off on the milder side and end with a mouth-bleeding final wing known as "The Dab." The show is now on its 10th season, so at this point, Evans has tackled all sorts of pre-show nerves (via The Hollywood Reporter) — except for when Gordon Ramsay agrees to come on to the show, that is.

With nearly 60 million views, the internet was totally hot for the episode.

Sean Evans even sweats when Gordon Ramsay is on his show

During an appearance on the H3 Podcast, Evans disclosed, "I really think the internet peer pressured us into a room together." He continued, "When we first started the show, that was the biggest request. That's important to us. You could tell, that morning in Los Angeles felt like a playoff game. Going to the office that morning, we were buttoned-up, business trip-type thing." The world had been waiting for this moment, and Evans felt the pressure to deliver.

When the host of the podcast asked if he was nervous, he said, "Yeah, the food, he'll play into that. We have gotten a lot better on the wings, we had a lot of complaints early on, but we've turned that around. The wings that Gordon ate were pretty good, I stand by them, but he's going to come in and make fun of the wings, at one point he was saying 'Is this expired? It says 2015 on it.'" The sauce he lifted wasn't even around in 2015, but that's the Gordon Ramsay side and what makes him an amazing entertainer. Gordon Ramsay is known for his fire, so it's no surprise he had to find at least one thing to critique while eating with Sean. 

Overall it could've gone far worse, but there was a lot on the line for this YouTube celebrity interviewer. Fans were eagerly watching and he knew it.