The New PBR Drink That Has Everyone Talking

There's something about drinking cold tea outside that exudes summer — especially if it is peach flavored. Extra points if it involves sitting on the beach or running barefoot toes through the grass. Pabst Blue Ribbon is bringing that summer feeling to us a little earlier this year.

The brewery is releasing a new drink, Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Tea Peach, and it sounds like summer in a can. The drink caught people's attention in March when the new PBR drink started showing up on Untappd, a beer social media website. Almost 80 people have tried it and thought it was tasty enough to give the new beverage an average rating of 3.18 out of 5 on the website.

The new hard tea is described as being a "bold black tea" with "natural peach flavor." It's also been said that the combination makes for a "refreshing and satisfying brew." PBR Hard Tea Peach comes in at 100 calories and an ABV of four percent per can (via Delish).

Where to get PBR Hard Tea Peach

So far, it isn't exactly known when the drink will be available across the country, though it has clearly made it into the hands of some people across the United States. PBR's Hard Tea Peach hasn't even been listed on the PBR website yet. It does, however, appear in the filter for PBR products in the brand's product locator online (via Taste of Home).

While we might have to wait a while before we can get our hands on a case of Hard Tea Peach, this isn't the first time PBR has wandered from its lager beer mainstay — the brand has also produced other products like white whiskey. Closer to the hard tea drink, though, are products like Stronger Seltzer and Hard Coffee. Stronger Seltzer rings in at an eight percent ABV while Hard Coffee comes in at five percent ABV. If you haven't tried either of these PBR products, now's the time while the anticipation builds for their latest addition to the spiked drink product line (via Pabst Blue Ribbon).