The Amazing Way White Castle Is Helping During The Pandemic

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, businesses around the globe are stepping up to show their support for both their employees and healthcare workers on the frontlines. White Castle is doing its part to make sure that healthcare workers stay well-fed and offering them hot-off-the-grill sliders — free of charge (via Fox News). Through the end of April, the Ohio-based burger chain is giving healthcare workers and EMTs a free combo meal or breakfast combo meal. All medical professionals have to do is show their work ID in the drive-thru to score the free meal. 

"In the midst of this pandemic, healthcare workers have put it all on the line to serve and take care of us. Now it's our turn to serve them," White Castle's vice president, Jamie Richardson, told QSR Magazine. "Providing free Sliders and meals to healthcare workers is a way for us to show our appreciation for everything they're doing right now."

White Castle is bringing its sliders to the frontlines

As great as the free food deal is, the folks at White Castle are obviously aware some healthcare workers simply can't take a lunch break to run out and grab a free slider combo. To remedy this, White Castle is also delivering its iconic Crave Cases to hospitals in areas near its restaurants. The burger chain shared via its Facebook page the news that employees delivered more than 1,200 sliders to four Detroit-area hospitals. 

White Castle's hardly the only restaurant that's stepping up to help out. KFC is reportedly donating a million pieces of chicken for its franchise owners to distribute throughout their communities. Meanwhile, Taco Bell and Starbucks responded to the pandemic by offering free tacos and coffee (via USA Today). 

Giving away free fast food is certainly a nice gesture, but it's also a strategic PR move amid what Business Insider reports as growing criticism of fast food chains putting their workers at risk.