The Trick To Keeping Apples Fresh Longer

Fresh produce like bananas and apples never seems to last long enough, especially after they've been sliced. Whether you went to an orchard during peak apple harvest and have bushels of different varieties or have a surplus of apples from a bulk bag you purchased, there are a few ways to keep them good longer.

Before you buy apples, it is a good habit to evaluate how ripe the fruit is. Apples can continue to ripen even after they are picked, and they ripen even faster at room temperature. Look for apples that are firm, and avoid apples that are waxy or have soft spots and bruises (via Insider). 

Also be sure to store apples away from other fruits and vegetables. Like other fruits, apples release ethylene gas as they ripen. If that gas is exposed to other produce, it can cause the surrounding fruits and vegetables to ripen, too. With proper storage, your apples can last up to two months (via Does It Go Bad?)

How to store apples

Apples do really well in the refrigerator, but there are some additional precautions you can put in place to lengthen the life of apples even in the fridge. One way to keep the fruit fresh longer is to place them in the crisper drawer of the fridge, but remember to keep them alone and away from other produce to avoid ripening your other fruits and veggies too fast.

Another trick to try is lowering the temperature of the fridge. Depending on what you are storing, this may or may not be a viable option. Some produce will start to break down at lower temperatures, but if you have an extra fridge that you keep other things like beer in, you can lower the temperature to between 31 to 35 degrees, and the apples will keep very well (via Food & Wine). 

One last tip for storing apples is to increase the moisture in the area the apples are stored. Many grocery stores often spray apples to keep them moist which elongates the time they stay fresh. One way to achieve this at home is to wrap the apples in damp paper towels.

And don't forget that to keep leftover apple slices from browning, you can soak them in salted water, water with lemon juice, or even lemon-lime soda (via Taste of Home).