How To Make The Perfect White Claw Slushie, According To TikTok

For those of you not in the know, White Claw is a hard seltzer brand that became a front-runner during the semi-recent spiked seltzer craze, and really morphed into something big over the summer of 2019 (via The Takeout). The drink is pretty much what it claims to be — flavored seltzer water with a 5 percent alcohol content, which comes from fermented sugars. Some of the beverage's popularity is based on its claim that it is "made pure" and the fact that it is gluten-free and contains only 100 calories per can. You can buy White Claw in nine different flavors, which are mostly fruit-based, with one outlier that is unflavored, as listed on the White Claw website

This week, popular social media influencers on video platform TikTok began creating fun slushie recipes using White Claw seltzers as the base. People reports TikTok user and film producer Julia Abner helped kick start the trend, with her White Claw slushie video receiving 1.5 million views and 335,000 likes in just two weeks. She instructed her followers to create a slushie by blending a can of White Claw with frozen berries and vodka for a simple frozen cocktail.

How to create your own customized White Claw slushie at home

PopSugar offers up a pretty easy and customizable recipe for anyone interested in creating their own White Claw slushie at home. They state that you should build off your favorite hard seltzer flavor by picking a blend of real fruits to add to your mix that will compliment it. (According to Delish, the most popular base flavors used in TikTok White Claw slushie videos appear to be black cherry and grapefruit.) 

PopSugar explains that using fresh or frozen fruit won't really affect the outcome of your slushie, so you can use whichever you prefer. They assert that while vodka appears to be the most common alcohol choice to enhance the frozen concoctions, it can be swapped for rum or tequila if you like. Last, the article recommends adding ice to your mix before you throw it in the blender to create a better, more slushie-like consistency. They suggest trying the combination of Mango White Claw and frozen peaches if you're stuck on where to begin.