Here's How To Properly Cook Couscous

Couscous is a delicious side as well as a great addition to salads once cool, but there are some common misunderstandings that also surround it. Couscous is often thought of as a grain thanks to its small size, but it is actually a very small pasta (via The Kitchn). Another misconception is that couscous has to be boiled to cook it, but properly cooked couscous never even has to go into a boiling pot of water (via Delish).

Whether you choose to boil your couscous, let it slowly heat in hot water, or plan to cook it in a microwave, there is one tip for cooking couscous that will help you get perfectly cooked pasta every time. It's important to use a one to one and a half ratio of water. That means for every cup of couscous you cook will need a cup and a half of hot water to get it right. No matter how you cook couscous, it is also necessary to fluff it with a fork to get the texture right and lighten it up.

How to cook couscous

The easiest way to properly cook couscous is to pour the desired amount of the pasta into a heatproof bowl. Next, measure your water and heat it in a kettle. Once the water is hot, just pour it over the bowl of couscous and lightly cover it. Let the couscous stand in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. The hot water will cook the couscous and the pasta will absorb the water. Once the time passes, the couscous is tender, and all of the water is absorbed, use a fork to fluff the couscous before serving.

Another easy way to cook couscous without boiling it is to pop it in the microwave. This technique is essentially the same, but the water is heated in the microwave. Again, cover the couscous and let it stand.

You can also toast couscous to add more flavor. All you have to do is melt a little bit of butter in a saucepan, toss the couscous in, and heat it until fragrant. Once the couscous is toasted, heat the water separately, pour it over, and let it stand to cook through. You can also add spices to couscous before cooking it right too.