Here's How You Can Make A Latte Without An Espresso Machine

We've all been there — it's 3:00 in the afternoon and the latte craving kicks in, but your wallet isn't too fond of the idea. Lattes from a coffee shop aren't exactly budget-friendly, and at-home espresso machines can cost hundreds of dollars. Is there a way to get your latte fix without breaking the bank? Yes! A delicious homemade latte is just minutes away, and the best part? You don't need an espresso machine to make it. 

There's a chance you don't actually know what a latte is, but don't worry, we're here to tell you without any judgment. A latte essentially is a shot of espresso topped with a thin layer of foam, plus a good amount of steamed milk. Luckily it is easy to accomplish this milk-to-foam ratio using at-home tools like a microwave or stove. 

So, what is espresso, then? Espresso refers to the roast and grind of a coffee bean. It's typically a finely ground dark roast, or if you can find it, a bean roasted specifically for espresso. At home, you can simply grind a dark roast superfine using a grinder and whatever bean brand you'd like (via The Full Moon Cafe). 

So, how do you get nice frothy milk and excellent espresso without spending absurd amounts of cash on a machine? It's surprisingly simple.

Lattes are easy to make at home

There are a couple of methods for your milk. The easiest method (by far) is the jar style. All you do is shake milk in a closed jar until you see foam forming, then microwave it for a few seconds so the foam lasts — and that's it (via TheKitchn). 

A French press is another great tool for at-home lattes as it serves two purposes. You can make a shot of espresso with it by finely grinding a dark roast and then brewing it in the press with a minimal amount of water. Then you can set aside the shot and use the French press to create milk froth by pumping milk with the plunger until you see foam, then microwaving the entire press for a few seconds. If you choose to microwave the foamed milk while it is still in the French press, make sure it doesn't have metal around it, otherwise you might end up with a microwave fire. 

Another great method for making delicious espresso is via a Moka pot. The little contraption uses no electricity or fancy machinery and allows for a great full-flavored espresso. All you do is pour hot water into the bottom of the pot, put finely ground coffee inside the filter-funnel in the middle portion, and then put it directly on the stove. The hot water in the bottom portion will boil up through the Moka pot and leave delicious caffeine in the top tier (via Blue Bottle). Add some frothy milk and you're in latte heaven. 

Make lattes at home without sacrificing flavor by using some of these tricks, and your wallet with thank you.