The New Queso Burger From Sonic Everyone's Talking About

Sonic's latest menu item is shaking up how we eat queso, and we are definitely not complaining about it. The new Sonic queso burger that everyone's talking about gets rid of those pesky tortilla chips and puts the cheesy goodness right on top of the burger (via Delish).

Sonic is probably best known for its classic drive-up set-up and its famous slushies that come in tons of flavors. That's far from all the fast food chain offers, though. The locations tend to have creative takes on burgers as well as staples like hot dogs and cheeseburgers. Another thing to love about Sonic is its variety of tasty sides like tater tots, fries, and mozzarella sticks. 

Like the chain's other mash-ups, this new queso burger is challenging the status quo of how we eat some of our favorite foods. At the end of 2019, Sonic gave us chili cheese bites and bacon macaroni and cheese bites, putting a new spin on a few of our favorite things (via QSR Magazine). Now we are all looking forward to this Mexican-American queso burger mash-up.

What you need to know about Sonic's queso burger

The new Sonic creation features a quarter-pound patty of 100 percent beef, melted cheddar, zesty cheese sauce, and creamy mayo all topped with hatch green chilis and grilled onions on a bakery bun. That sounds like a winning combination.

If you ask Scott Uehlein, the vice president of Sonic's product innovation and development, he believes that "queso should never have to sit on the sidelines," which is why it is front and center for this new burger.

"We enhanced the comforting flavor of melty queso with the sweet, spicy, and smoky flavor of real hatch green chiles to deliver that elusive, satisfying umami in an irresistible burger," said Uehlein.

We are not entirely sure how long this new menu item is going to stick around, so you might want to head out to Sonic first thing and try one if you just can't wait. The queso burger costs about $4, which makes it quite a deal (via Thrillist).