The Reason You Should Be Ordering Extra Rice With Your Takeout

If you have not already come to the realization that you should be ordering extra rice when you order take out, then now is the time to start a new practice. Whether you are simply planning ahead for dinner the following day or you want to have enough food to last a few meals, ordering extra rice with your take out is a no-brainer. It allows you to have enough fresh rice to go with your immediate meal, but any leftovers or extra rice is the perfect base for a meal in the next day or two (via Eater).

Rice is incredibly versatile and can be used for tons of different dishes for all kinds of cuisine. Extra rice can be easily used for casseroles, soups, or even turned into spicy rice. It's also great for making rice pudding and savory waffles. Best of all, day-old rice is the absolute best kind of rice for making fried rice. The options are really endless for leftover rice (via The Kitchn).

Tonight's takeout leftovers can be dinner prep for tomorrow

One reason we love the idea of ordering an extra side of rice is that it cuts down on meal prep the next day. That means less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying yourself or taking a much-needed break from time to time.

Some recipes call for rice to be a day old or so for the best results. Things like arancini are best with day-old rice. Making any type of risotto is also a great way to revive old rice with flavorful seasonings, liquids, and more.

The only drawback to ordering extra rice is that it has to be stored properly (via Delish). If rice is not stored properly, it can cause food poisoning. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to not leave the rice out at room temperature for more than an hour.

So, go ahead and stick those extra containers in the refrigerator as soon as you get home. You'll be set for several easy — and fast — meals in no time.