The New Hard Cider From Aldi Everyone Is Talking About

People love discount supermarket chain Aldi for their high quality, private-label offerings. While the grocery chain does offer a limited selection of national brands, according to the frequently asked questions section of the Aldi website, the company prides itself on the fact that one in five of all Aldi-exclusive products are award-winning items, allowing customers to trust they are getting an exceptional product at a quality price whenever they shop the Aldi label. 

While many fans are aware Aldi carries beer and wine in select locations, Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit posted a photo of the brand's popular Wicked Grove Hard Cider in two flavors, Crisp Apple and Elderflower, asking followers, "Now I've had crisp apple and it tastes so yummy like apple juice but, there's an Aldi find!!! Elderflower. Who has snagged it? Was it sweet?" 

Beer reviewing site Untappd gave the Elderflower cider a rating of 3.6 out of 5 and claims the line has produced nine flavors since its launch.

What the new Elderflower Wicked Grove Hard Cider tastes like

On the product page for Wicked Grove Hard Cider on the Aldi website, the brand notes they currently offer a variety pack that features an assortment of three flavors; Very Berry, Crisp Apple, and Elderflower. Taste of Home says the Aldi brand hard cider came in Green Apple flavor during the summer as well, which they said tasted tart and juicy. 

According to Cooking Light, Aldi's original Wicked Grove Hard Cider has a flavor similar to national brand Woodchuck Hard Cider. The Budget Reviews judged the elusive Elderflower variety, stating that the cider has a pleasant apple and floral scent, which combines to create a well-balanced flavor that is reminiscent of sweet champagne. They recommended the Elderflower flavor of Wicked Grove Hard Cider over the original Crisp Apple. 

If you're interested in trying the new Elderflower Wicked Grove Hard Cider, Supermarket News states Aldi is now offering wine and beer sales through Instacart (where state laws permit it), so you can be sure you will be able to snag a six-pack or the variety pack before you head to the store.