The New White Claw Flavors That Have Everyone Talking

You can't spell sunshine without White Claw. Okay, technically you can, but the fizzy hard seltzer seems to be synonymous with swimming, music festivals, and millennial hang outs. The company knows summertime is going to amp up demand for their product, and so they've released two new flavors to sweeten the season a little more for us all: pineapple and clementine (via Delish).

With only 70 calories per can, the new flavors leave you feeling light, bubbly, and a little tipsy without packing on a beer belly. The new line is made of seltzer, gluten-free alcohol, and fruity fun flavorings. They have a little less alcohol than the 100 calorie cans we all know and love, but only by about 1 percent. Beyond that, the new offerings have no sugar and 0 carbs, so if you're trying to watch your waistline (because, bathing suits) they're a great alternative.

"White Claw answers that demand by offering a new, refreshing option fit for new and 'Sober Curious' consumers," a White Claw representative said about the lower alcohol-content drinks (via USA Today). Meanwhile, two months ago, the company also released three new flavors in their 100 calorie line: tangerine, watermelon, and lemon. 

These new offerings couldn't come at a better time. U.S. sales of alcoholic beverages were up 55 percent at the end of March (via AP News).

People love new White Claw flavors

People seem to totally dig the new flavors. One foodie, who actually goes by Antifoodie, shared a detailed review of the new White Claws, and boy do we want to go get our hands on them. He said the lemon flavor was for sure his favorite because it's reminiscent of lemonade — what's more summery than a lemonade stand? — and it's even better than the original lime flavor. "It's got the right amount of flavor, the right amount of sweetness and it's a great refreshing drink. Definitely my favorite hard seltzer out there right now," he wrote in the review.

Another reviewer for Kitchn, Lauren Masur, said she expected the watermelon flavor to be as terrible as any artificial version of the fruit, but she was wrong. Masur said, "a sip of the stuff tastes like everything good about a pink Jolly Rancher — except this one goes down cold and smooth, without the sticky aftertaste." If you're like us, you probably just finished putting your seatbelt on, and navigating on your phone to the nearest liquor store, because that sounds irresistible.

The cult following around "The Claw" will not seem surprising once you taste one of their invigorating seltzers, and if you haven't, needless to say you sure should. Why not one of the new 70 calorie varieties?