How To Get Frito-Lay Snacks Delivered Directly To Your Home

Frito-Lay is seriously disrupting the home snacking game amid the novel coronavirus pandemic — but in a very good way. Even ahead of the pandemic's impact, the company responsible for so many snacking favorites was working toward this new delivery system that's become a relative lifesaver for some. While many people are placing their first digital grocery orders or waiting in lines to shop at stores with limited items, Frito-Lay just launched a new system to deliver their products directly to consumers' homes (via Forbes).

The brilliant solution is making life easier for tons of Americans who are craving snacks more than ever these days. As many as 94 percent of U.S. pantries have some Frito-Lay products, so now getting favorites is even easier. Even if your local retailer doesn't have your favorite product on its shelves, those products can be shipped right to your front door.

The types of products we're talking about go way beyond Doritos, Cheetos, and other kinds of potato chips. The PepsiCo company, which Frito-Lay is part of, covers everything from drinks like Gatorade and Propel to breakfast essentials like pancake mix, cereal, and juice. The options are seemingly endless.

Frito-Lay ordering options to choose from

There are two ordering systems that Frito-Lay now offers customers. The first is, which allows customers to pick their favorite snacks and order them straight to their house. There's a $15 minimum order, and all sales are final. On this platform, you'll find tons of potato chip options, cookies, individual servings of cereals, chip dips, and any other snack essential you can think of like fried pork skins or pretzels.

The other option Frito-Lay has presented is, and we're pretty excited about this one too. While the snacks website is clearly all about snacking, the pantry shop website is all about stocking your pantry with products for occasions and meals that go well beyond snacking. The products that can be ordered on this platform include everyday staples, breakfast items, snacking, drinks, family favorites, protein snacks, and workout nutrition.

What we love most about PantryShop is that there are bundles families can choose that includes similar products or items that tend to be paired. It's an easy way to hit every item on the grocery checklist without leaving your home. No matter what Frito-Lay items are must-haves in your family, chances are it can arrive in just a matter of days.