The Food Adam Richman Can't Touch Again After Man V. Food

Before Casey Webb's 2017 debut as the daring host and contestant on Travel Channel's Man v. Food, Adam Richman was the original super-sized eating challenger who debuted on the show in 2008. Speaking in tribute of Adam's work, Courtney White, senior vice president of programming and development of the network, shared, "Man v. Food is a true, pop culture phenomenon that has inspired more than 1,000 new restaurant eating challenges in the last several years."

Viewers are sure to remember steaks that resembled a whole cow and overflowed a dinner plate, nachos that drowned an entire bag of chips in gooey cheese, and hot wings so hot the challenger was brought to tears long before the bones piled up. The only thing these dishes shared in common was the difficulty in finishing your order. And while fans at home enjoyed watching the battle, we all had the same questions. How can he eat all of that? Is he gonna feel ok afterward?

Even the smell of this food brings back memories

Like regrets after a night of too many margaritas, Richman developed an aversion to some of his challenge foods. At the top of the list of things he never wanted to look at or even smell again — oysters (via Travel Channel). After a single oyster challenge, he decided he was done with oysters for good.

And while the host was known for eating large quantities of food, he famously failed one tiny challenge. At Munchies 420 Cafe in Gulf Gate, Florida, a challenge of a mere 10 Fire in the Hole wings soundly defeated man. Richman only managed to eat two before surrendering the challenge (via Dine Sarasota). 

Adding to his list of least favorite foods, the daring host has said his courage almost ran out when choking down moose nose, jellied eels, and chawanmushi (an egg-custard dish from Japan). He also tells the Mirror that he severely dislikes eating anything that is still living — like bugs or wiggly squid. Our stomachs hurt just thinking about some of these dishes, but there's no denying the entertainment gained by watching. Richman can still be seen in various media appearances (via IMDb) minus the super-sized obligations.