The Truth About Burger King's Pizza Burger

Are you an adult man looking to eat just one meal a day? Well, Burger King used to offer just the thing for you. Burger King's Pizza Burger packed a whopping — yes, that's a Whopper pun — 2,500 calories (via Digital Journal). The average man needs about 2,500 calories to maintain their weight, so one of these burgers was enough to keep anybody running all day (via Healthline).

The burger consisted of a huge 9.5" pizza-inspired sammie containing a pound of Whopper patties, mozzarella, marinara, and a special nut-free pesto flavored mayo. The whole thing was sliced into six pieces. This masterpiece — or major mess — set you back $12.99. If you're thinking "sign me up" though, you should've booked a trip to NYC years ago because the Pizza Burger was offered exclusively at Burger King's Whopper Bar location in New York — but it isn't around any more (via Convenience Store News). When you consider some other burger chains like Killer Burger offer normal burgers for $11, Burger King's Pizza Burger seemed like an amazing deal, but sadly for some, it — like any other special offerings at restaurants — had an expiration date (via Menu With Price).

The pizza-themed burger looked impossibly good, but some reviewers said Burger King made it possible. One pizza and burger enthusiast said, "I was surprised that it actually managed to convey both burgerness and pizzaness in a single bite." He went on to say that Burger King's trademark liquid smoke flavor in combination with pizza spices were both present in the meal (via Serious Eats).

Burger King's New York Pizza Burger was full of flavor

So it sounds like it was delicious and it was fairly affordable, but what kind of nutrition panel was the New York Pizza Burger boasting? Each of the special burgers contained 144 grams of fat and 380 mg of cholesterol. To put those numbers in perspective, it's recommended that people should avoid exceeding 65 grams of total fat and 300 mg of cholesterol per day (and definitely per meal). However, Burger King suggested that each Pizza Burger contained six servings, so if you wanted to be on the healthier side, you could've shared the dish with a friend — or six (via CBS News). 

If you happen to get a chance to go to a Whopper Bar, they're ready to help with all your burger cravings. Burger King has expanded the bar concept and opened locations in places beyond just NYC. They are sadly no longer offering the Pizza Burger but you can build whatever Whopper you'd like at one of their bars. If you're heading to a city with one of their establishments on a red-eye flight, your confused sleep schedule can be reset with a post-Burger King full-bellied nap (via Orlando Informer).