The Truth About Epic Meal Time's Pizza In A Bag

Created in 2010, popular YouTube cooking channel Epic Meal Time has a simple premise. The show's episodes feature star and co-creator Harley Morenstein and friends taking on "epic" food challenges, such as eating entire fast food restaurant menus, creating wacky, high-calorie combinations, and consuming giant versions of regular foods. 

In an interview with CNBC Make It, Morenstein admitted this concept sounds completely absurd on paper, but stated that they wanted to create and consume over-the-top, calorie-laden meals that most people would never actually be willing to eat. The show and its cast's zany antics were an immediate hit, and the channel has now spawned a cable television series and a line of products under the label Super Snack Time. 

Super Snack Time launched in 2018, and Morenstein says it sold more than $5 million worth of food its first year. In a fitting tribute to the channel's first episode, titled Fast Food Pizza, the brand decided to launch Pizza in a Bag (essentially, pizza-flavored jerky) as its flagship product.

What is Pizza in a Bag, anyway?

In a statement released on PR Newswire, Super Snack Time describes the products they want to create as being bold, in-your-face snack foods you never knew you were missing. Morenstein states that, through their line of snacks, the Super Snack Time team is offering a way for fans to join in on the fun of Epic Meal Time without the labor-intensive prep work — or the super unhealthy, oversized servings consumed on the show.

Spork and Barrel reviewed the Supreme Pizza flavor of the product, describing Pizza in a Bag as hard to miss among other jerky options on the shelves, due to its pizza slice shaped container and brash language. They claim the jerky is more similar to pepperoni slices covered in a thick layer of seasoning than what they think of as jerky, and praise the use of recognizable, quality ingredients that prevent the snack from tasting weird or cheap. 

The outlet names Parmesan, mushroom, garlic, and thyme as being among the "real" ingredients listed on the packaging. The Walmart product page for Super Snack Time shows three Pizza in a Bag flavor options available: Supreme Pizza, Buffalo Pizza, and Pepperoni Pizza.