The Truth About Sugar Rush Host Hunter March

It's a funny feeling to realize you've watched someone on Netflix for hours, and you know nothing about their life, or how they got to be on your television in the first place. Hunter March is the host of the hit baking competition show Sugar Rush on Netflix but he — like every other person on earth — has a life outside of work, and it's certainly not a boring one. March was born in California with stars in his eyes, and headed to where the stars are born, sunny L.A (via Distractify). 

March started as an intern at AwesomenessTV in 2012 where he did classic tasks like coffee-fetching, but it only lasted three days. In less than a week, March was a producer. He grew quickly in his role and is now the face of the very popular YouTube channel. If you aren't familiar, the channel puts out daily videos from their various reality-esque series, as well as blips about the latest celebrity gossip. March is clearly a busy guy (via Hunter March).

Hunter March is the ultimate host

By 2018, March had established himself as someone who knew a thing or two about celebrities' lives, and landed a position at E! as a late-night talk show co-host for Nightly Pop. The show essentially consists of March and his two co-hosts — Morgan Stewart and Nina Parker — giving viewers a breakdown of the most recent celebrity news stories, and sharing their raw (and hilarious) thoughts on what's going on in the lives of the pop-culture elite (via NBC).

Apparently March thought hosting and producing up to ten videos a week for AwesomenessTV, co-presenting a late-night talk show, and hosting a hit baking series wasn't enough for us, so he put together a book. His resume is getting more impressive by the minute as March is the author of a collaborative publication of relatable stories from his friends called TBHBecause he has made a career out of chatting with people about their own lives and being fairly transparent about his, it only makes sense that a book of this style would come naturally to him. The book covers creators' real lives in a way you won't see online (via Books a Million).

Hunter March's grandpa was a host

So obviously March is crazy-successful and you might be wondering what special-something got him here. Although it's hard to put a finger on the source of his hosting genius, some might say it could just be in his blood. March is the grandson of Hal March who hosted a '50s game show called The $64,000 Question. They never even met so if we were going to raise the "nature vs. nurture" question it's pretty obvious that hosting is in his genes.

Host of a Netflix baking show, an E! program, author, and Youtube personality; it seems like March has done it all but, he's still trying to reach some unique goals. It's easy to assume every celebrity wants a star on the Hollywood Walk of Stars, and March is no different. Apparently he'd like to have a star next to his grandpa some day (via TV Over Mind).

Hunter March began to land TV opportunities

To add to his impressive list of hosting accomplishments, Hunter March was the face of Emogenius — a Game Show Network television series that ran for 20 episodes from 2017 to 2018. The show used fun characters to test the teams' emoji-communication knowledge for a chance at $10,000. In an interview with YouTube's BUILD Series, March explained how he became the host of Emogenius. "I'd never really done anything on TV besides a couple little spots," he said. He asked his team if they could hook him up with TV opportunities, but it wasn't easy because he hadn't previously starred in television shows. His involvement came to be when GSN asked him directly to test for the emoji-based show. When he got it, he knew it would open up future opportunities for TV spots.

From there, he was able to land E News' "Nightly Pop." Per Art 19, "Nightly Pop" was a comedic pop culture series that ran for five years before its cancellation. As a final farewell, March took to Instagram to thank his coworkers and fans. "I love you and I thank you. See you on the next one," he wrote in part.

The star has now picked up a podcast

It didn't take long for Hunter March to move onto other opportunities, this time in an all new medium. Along with Alex Ovadia, March hosts a comedy podcast called "Friends Without Bens," which can be viewed on YouTube or played on Spotify, Apple Music, and a few other platforms. Recently, the pair have covered topics like dating apps and celebrity gossip, as well as holding a discussion about the defunct "Nightly Pop." The podcast currently has a five-star rating on Apple Podcasts.

The podcast was initially announced on Instagram in mid-January, 2023, and fans were excited to hear that the comedy host was making a return. "I've been waiting for some more hunty!" one March fan wrote excitedly. Another found the two to be a perfect pairing. "You guys are hilarious. I don't care what you talk about – you can count on me listening," they wrote. Those interested can tune in for new episodes each Monday at 7 a.m. PST.