Mistakes You're Making When Cooking Grits

Though some people might not be fans of grits, the creamy comfort food is a delicious addition to any breakfast, or lunch, or dinner for that matter. While good grits are wonderful, the simple food is surprisingly easy to get wrong. Like other deceptively easy dishes, there are certainly missteps many make when cooking grits. But with a bit of practice and a few tips, you can avoid making those mistakes quite easily.

One of the most unforgiving mistakes you can make while cooking grits is not seasoning them enough. Grits are kind of like tofu in that they take on almost any flavor you add to them. That means if you don't add enough of it, there's no going back. It often seems you can't add enough seasoning to your bowl to make grits taste good again after you've cooked and served them up. That's why it's vital to add plenty of seasoning early in the cooking process (via HuffPost).

Don't stop stirring your grits

Another mistake people tend to make when cooking grits is that they do not stir the grits enough. It takes nearly constant whisking or stirring to ensure that grits come out smooth and creamy without any big lumps or bumps in them. If the grits are not stirred enough, then you will undoubtedly find big chunks throughout the pot (via Bon Appetit).

It's definitely true that grits take time, and real lovers of this food believe there isn't such thing as (good) instant grits. For really yummy grits that are cooked well, you will typically need an hour to cook them low and slow, so the grits will become perfectly tender.

Some other important steps for making perfect grits include mixing in some extra fat at the end of the cooking process. Some people like to stir in a bit of extra cream, others like to add butter, which melts to a point before it solidifies again on the grits. The butter tends to set up in grits just like the dish itself does once it is removed from heat. And cheese? Um, yes. Just yes.

So, however you like your grits, be it savory or sweeter, these tips should help you ensure a beautifully smooth and creamy bowl.