This Is The Secret To Making Perfect Fried Rice

There are a lot of tips, tricks, and hacks to making perfect fried rice (including from chef Roy Choi), and many do help improve upon a satisfying dish. The right texture of fried rice has to come from the cooking technique, but there are other ingredients and different ways to make the dish taste all the better — even without the special cooking method.

One tip is to add no more than 2 teaspoons of soy sauce. You don't want the entire dish to turn brown, but a beige color instead, according to The Take Out. The type of soy sauce you use makes a difference, too. Light Chinese soy sauce is what you really want for good fried rice.

To get the eggs right in the dish, you'll want to cook them in the oil before adding the rice. This allows the eggs to become a nice pillowy consistency rather than become stringy, which can happen when they're added to rice instead of the other way around.

Use physics to make incredible fried rice

There is a particular trick to making incredible fried rice just like the pros do. It turns out that making perfect fried rice is all about physics. Apparently you really have to flip the rice and any other ingredients into the air to get it just right. This allows you to cook the fried rice at a much higher temperature without burning the whole dish. To be exact, most chefs toss the rice up using a back-and-forth motion with the wok at around three times per second. That's a lot of tossing and precision to ensure the rice isn't dropped (via Science News).

While the science makes sense, we understand it can be intimidating to throw your dinner into the air, especially if you do not flip food in the air on a regular basis. Take it slow and start with a small amount to practice. You might even want to try your technique away from the stove and with a single object to get the motion down. No one wants to have to clean up hundreds of grains of rice that got spilled out of a pan.