The Easy Trick To Making Keto Popcorn

If you're following a keto diet and want to eat popcorn for a snack or as you watch a movie, then you might find yourself disappointed. Popcorn can be a great, filling snack that is relatively low in calories, but it does contain plenty of carbs, which means it isn't a great fit for those strictly following a keto diet (via Healthline).

Fortunately, there are other options when it comes to snack time. One of the best alternatives for popcorn is something you probably never thought of — puffed cheese. This works because it has very few carbs and is high in fat, and as an added benefit, you'll still feel like you're enjoying some popcorn (via Oh So Foodie).

While some companies make and sell puffed cheese or crispy cheese crackers, these bags can sometimes be expensive to buy. That's why this easy trick to make your own puffed cheese or keto popcorn is a lifesaver. You can make your own at home in a lot of different flavors, and save some money at the same time. The best part is that cheese is the only ingredient you'll need (via Sugar Free Londoner).

How to make your own keto popcorn

To make keto popcorn, you'll need to start with a semi-hard or hard cheese. Think cheeses like Gouda, mature cheddar, or Parmesan, all of which will give you great results. Whichever kind (or kinds) of cheese you choose should be cut into quarter-inch pieces. We really like the idea of mixing and matching a couple of kinds of cheese for a unique and flavorful snack.

Next is the drying step. You can either use the rind with some cheese attached, or the entire block of cheese cut up into cubes The rind requires only an hour of drying time while the cubed-up block takes longer, around three hours, to dry. You should see the cheese sweat during this time. You'll want to pat the cheese dry from the sweat before baking it.

After the cheese dries, pop it into an oven at 140 degrees Fahrenheit and let it bake for one hour. Once the hour is up, increase the heat to 300 degrees, and let the cheese bake for a few more minutes. This is when it will "pop." You'll be left with delicious, keto-friendly cheese puffs to snack on thanks to this time-consuming (but easy) trick.