Walmart's Rosé Water Enhancer Has Everyone Talking

You've heard the age-old (okay maybe not that long) adage: Rosé all day! Well, apparently some fans of the light pink beverage couldn't wait until cocktail time (or noon, or whichever comes first). Now, Walmart is selling a rosé water enhancer, that, to be clear, is completely non-alcoholic (via Popsugar). No need for a bottle opener. This rosé simply requires that you add water and suddenly, your life just got a little happier.

The Great Value product is labeled as a cocktail mixer. Hold the booze. When Instagram user candyhunting shared a photo of this exciting but slightly confusing product, reactions were mixed (pun intended). "When you're an alcoholic trying to drink more water," one clearly unimpressed user commented. Most commenters bemoaned not being able to find the drink enhancer at their local Walmart store. A search online yields results only for other water enhancers sold under the Great Value umbrella. Could it be that rosé lovers have already bought up the entire supply?

It turns out rosé water enhancer isn't exactly a new kid on the block

Sorry folks, but a little research uncovered the fact that while this product is going viral now, Walmart's rosé water enhancer has been around for a while (via Delish). So while you should be able to find this summery, wine-inspired flavoring in the juice aisle at Walmart (remember, it's not actually wine), it may or may not be in stock at an individual store. 

If you are so lucky to get your lips on the beverage flavoring, you'll be pleased to learn that according to People, it's made with natural flavors. But do we really care all that much about the health factor of that which turns wine to water? Isn't it enough that in this crazy world, there is a non-alcoholic rosé option that isn't taboo to sip while driving to, well, probably Walmart? Maybe one Instagram commenter said it best with this simple reaction to the Great Value water enhancer that keeps going viral time and time again, for a reason: "y'all this is epic."