Olive Garden's New Wine Line Has Everyone Talking

Olive Garden just released a new line of their house wines, and there's a lot to be excited about thanks to this new development. The casual Italian chain understands this has been a very tough year for so many and that there are a lot of reasons why customers might need an extra bottle on hand at home. That's why ordering a bottle or two from Olive Garden's new wine line with your takeout order is just what we all need (via MyRecipes).

Your favorite bar or restaurant for date night might still be closed, or you just might not feel completely ready to brave going out again yet, which is why Olive Garden's news is so exciting. Ordering your favorite Italian dishes to go along with your favorite wines is making staying home feel a little more normal. Luckily, there are several wines you can choose from to add to your order. Not to mention, Olive Garden actually has an award-winning wine list, too (via Olive Garden).

What you need to know about the new wine line

Like most restaurants and bars, Olive Garden is now selling its new line of wines in the 40 states where alcohol pick-up or delivery is allowed. That includes more than 750 locations, so the chances that your local Olive Garden is participating are pretty good. Keep in mind that some states may require an order of food for the alcohol to be purchased "to-go," though (via Foley Food and Wine Society).

Once you've sorted out what you want to order, and what might be necessary to pick up a bottle or two of wine from Olive Garden, it's time to settle on which bottles you want to try — keep in mind, though, that the options and pricing can both vary by location. There's a merlot blend which is the Red Blend Porta Vita as well as a Head-to-Head rosé. The third wine is a Roscato Rosso Dolce, which is a blush wine prepared in a Moscato style with three red Italian grapes (via Empire Wine).

Finally, Olive Garden is selling two Moscato wines as well. There's a Pink Moscato Blend Confetti and a Primo Amore, both of which are sweet ways to finish off your favorite pasta dishes. The sweetest treat yet, however, might be that each bottle is only $15 (again, prices can vary depending on your location). That's worth toasting to.