The Secret To Making A Copycat Wendy's Frosty

It's more than your average milkshake! According to Reader's Digest, Wendy's Classic Chocolate Frosty is one of the original menu items still offered by the chain. The name Classic Chocolate Frosty is actually a misnomer, as the flavor is not truly chocolate at all, but a mixture of both chocolate and vanilla. This sweet blend was chosen for the menu item instead of pure chocolate because Wendy's founder Dave Thomas was concerned a full chocolate taste would overwhelm the burgers they were serving alongside the dessert. 

Thomas was clearly onto something, as the recipe used for the Classic Chocolate Frosty today is essentially the same as the one developed in 1969. Over the years, there have been a few other Frosty flavors released, including the more recent permanent addition of a Vanilla Frosty to the menu.

While the actual recipe and measurements are closely guarded, Wendy's does list all the ingredients used in the creation of their signature drink on the Wendy's Menu. This recipe puzzle of ingredients with no measurements or directions has inspired countless chefs and food bloggers to attempt to recreate an exact replica of the sweet treat at home, but it has been proven difficult to perfect.

Make your own Classic Chocolate Frosty at home

Taste of Home believes they have figured out the recipe for a flawless copycat of Wendy's Classic Chocolate Frosty. They describe the ideal consistency of the sugary concoction as a meeting point between a milkshake and ice cream. In their version, they found a way to simplify the Classic Chocolate Frosty by swapping out some of the less common ingredients and preservatives for more accessible items. 

You will need an ice cream maker to recreate the frozen treat at home, but all the other ingredients they use can be sourced easily from most grocery stores. This recipe makes eight servings and calls for Cool Whip, vanilla extract, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate milk, and cocoa powder. PopSugar came up with a replica Classic Chocolate Frosty as well, which creates a smaller batch and uses fewer ingredients than the Taste of Home version, omitting the vanilla extract and cocoa powder.

For an extra authentic Wendy's experience, don't forget the fries to dip into your chocolaty treat! Bon Appetit describes the salty-sweet combo of a Classic Chocolate Frosty and fries as scientifically proven to be perfect.