The Secret To A Delicious Dairy-Free Latte

There are a lot of reasons to make a dairy-free latte at home if you aren't a dairy drinker. Homemade non-dairy lattes can help save you time, money, and keep you in the comfort of your own home whenever you want one. Of course, there are tons of different dairy-free lattes you can make at home such as matcha green tea, flavored with syrups, and even caffeine-free. Whether you infuse your lattes with lavender, turmeric, or CBD to unwind for the day or use soy, almond, cashew, or oat milk in your latte, the steps to make the perfect soothing drink are generally the same (via Vogue).

Without the right ingredients, tools, or techniques, your homemade latte might disappoint. One of the most basic tips for getting your dairy-free latte right comes down to using high-quality ingredients. Look for barista-grade dairy-free milks like M*lkman's Oat M*lk for example (via Farm Drop). 

Follow these steps for a perfect dairy-free latte

How milk reacts to heat and foaming is dependent on its proteins, according to Perfect Daily Grind. "Temperature changes, the acidity of coffee, and the impact of frothing cause plant milks to curdle more easily," the site notes. So, you will likely need to steam your dairy-free milk to a lower temperature (just use a saucepan) to avoid this. 

After you have slowly heated the dairy-free milk, then it's time to froth. Frothing dairy-free milk is just like frothing regular milk, but some vegan milks will behave differently than others, so some experimentation may be needed. If you have a frother, great, but if not, there are other methods. Grab a jar with a lid and shake the warm milk until there are enough bubbles to your liking. You can also whisk the milk in a bowl by hand, or with an electric mixer. A couple of other tools to use are a blender, which yields great results, or a French Press, which can be used like any other frother. Just push the handle up and down until you have foam (via The Pioneer Woman).

Make coffee (grinding your own beans with high-quality java will yield the best results), add dairy-free milk and any syrups or additions you desire, and enjoy!