The Surprising Way Domino's Says You Should Reheat Your Pizza

Pizza is the answer to life's persistent problems. Heartbreak? Eat Pizza. Graduated from college and suddenly realize that you studied the wrong thing? Have some pizza. Hungry after going out on Saturday night and thinking about the meaning of life? Have some pizza. On Sunday morning, eat it again. Pizza is, after all, more protein-packed than a bowl of cereal (via The Daily Meal).

Cold pizza, though, just brings you nostalgic, half-stale memories of last night's adventures. You want a fresh start. And reheating pizza in a skillet (or any other time-consuming way)? That may not be the way you want to spend a lazy, weekend morning. It's understandable. Who wants to get up and turn on the stove? Lucky for you, Domino's Australia has an alternative. Their surprising hack will have you looking forward to your day-after pizza more than the day-of.  

What's Domino's secret to a perfectly reheated pizza?

Imagine your crust suddenly crunchy again. Imagine your toppings deliciously warm again. Imagine your cheese irresistibly gooey again. What is Domino's secret to a pizza, re-born? A little bit of water — yes, really. Microwave your pizza together with a half-filled cup of water for 30 seconds. 

While it does sound counter-intuitive, it really is almost rocket science. According to Science Notes, 30 seconds isn't enough time for the cup of water to produce water vapor, which is a good thing — if it did, your crust would be a soggy mess. Instead, adding water to the microwave re-distributes the microwaves and takes some of them on, which means the water and oils in the pizza's crust and toppings are allowed heat up in proportion to the pizza's other ingredients. Problem solved. No soggy crust, no cold toppings.   

Another surprising hack that will change the way you think about day-old pizza

If you're not into microwaving, Domino's has another suggestion for you — try reheating your pizza in a waffle iron. Place two pizza slices, layers facing inwards, into the iron. Then, let the machine do all the work. Before you ask, it's neither a calzone nor a sandwich. It's a yet-to-be-named hybrid. It's so good, you might end up ordering pizza and leaving it out overnight just to waffle-iron your entire pie.

The best news? A waffle-ironed pizza puts to rest the age-old debate about whether to eat pizza with a fork or with your hands. From now on, you can eat it with your hands, no mess involved. And if you live in a household that regularly fights about the proper way to eat a slice, this should be reason enough to try this Domino's hack.

Domino's has a solution for leftover crusts, too

What if you're not a crust eater? You hate to see that pile of leftover crusts go into the garbage can, but all that dough just doesn't do it for you. This last Domino's hack might just change your mind. The team from Domino's Japan has a perfectly sweet solution for the crusts leftover from your savory pies.

Once you've nibbled away all the cheese and pizza sauce from the edges, drop those clean crusts into a pan with some butter and fry them into a delicious dessert. A little powdered sugar sprinkled over the top is all you need to complete what Domino's refers to as "crust a la churro." To really bring the churro flavor home, a sprinkle of cinnamon wouldn't hurt either.