The Real Reason You Should Never Put Potato Peels Down The Drain

If you weren't aware, there are quite a few things, like flour, that you should never throw down your kitchen sink's drain. Potato peels are another one of those items that should never be washed away and ground up in the disposal even though people do often peel potatoes over the sink. The reason? Because whether the peels are long or short (or thick or thin), they can easily clog up the drain (via Boulden Brothers).

Potatoes are a very starchy vegetable, and those starches that are in the bits of potato on the peels can mix with water. Usually, starches expand when mixed with water, and in this case, it can form a thick, unforgiving paste. This is what clogs your disposal or jams the blades if you have tossed in a ton of peels. Whether you are making a casserole, scalloped potatoes, or mashed potatoes, there are several options for what to do with your potato peels apart from tossing them in your sink and hoping the garbage disposal does its job.

Here's what to do with your potato peels instead

While you can always toss your potato peels in the trash can or into your kitchen compost bin, there's a third way — and it's also one you might not expect. If you've ever rubbed olive oil on the skins of your potatoes before roasting them, then you probably already understand how amazing the peel can be when it's crisp and golden after baking. You can get a similar effect by roasting your leftover potato peels without the soft inner potato flesh (via The Kitchn).

These perfect, delicious peels make a great snack, topping for a salad, or even as a side dish for burgers. A big bonus is that using the leftover peels to cook with also helps eliminate all waste from cooking the whole potatoes. These are super easy to make too — just give them a little toss in olive oil, any seasonings you want, and pop them into a 400-degree Fahrenheit oven for 15 to 20 minutes.

The options with this method are endless. You can season them with salt and pepper then stack toppings like cheese, bacon, and chives on top when they come out of the oven, or you could even coat them in dry ranch dressing mix for a flavor-packed dish. We also like the idea of creative seasonings like Old Bay, barbecue spices, or even some garlic powder and grated parmesan. So, give it a try and go wild with your own take — you'll have a delicious snack, and your peels will not clog up your kitchen sink.