The Biggest Coffee Myths You Can Finally Stop Believing

Ah, coffee. It's the perfect morning beverage, afternoon pick-me-up, and casual first-date go-to. The average American coffee drinker regularly enjoys three cups of joe per day, according to the National Coffee Association. While there are many fascinating truths about our favorite beverage, there are also several myths that need to be put to rest.

One popular myth is that espresso has more caffeine than a cup of black coffee. When we need to wake up, or pull an all-nighter for the big exam, many believe that a shot of espresso will provide that jolt of energy. But, a cup of coffee actually offers more caffeine than the average espresso (via Little Coffee Place). 

Perhaps you have also heard that coffee can stunt your growth. Did your parents ever tell you that you weren't allowed to drink coffee for this reason? Turns out they didn't have much scientific proof to back that up. Back in the day, there were studies that attempted, unsuccessfully, to link coffee and osteoporosis, which likely got the stunted-growth rumor started (via HowStuffWorks). But alas, this isn't true. Of course, we also aren't suggesting kids should drink coffee!

Why coffee can't help you lose weight or sober up

When you love something, you want to believe it can cure anything. Want to lose 10 pounds? Try drinking more coffee. Need to sober up, or cure a nasty hangover? Coffee to the rescue! The fact is, while coffee does offer many benefits, some don't live up to the hype. It isn't true that drinking coffee will help you lose weight. It would be awesome if we could drink coffee and drop those stubborn pounds. But, it simply does not work in isolation, according to the Mayo Clinic. Another important caveat is that according to Spoon University, only 35 percent of us drink coffee black, so the added calories from cream and sugar would surely negate any possible benefits of ramping up our coffee intake.

Another myth not worth believing? Coffee will sober you up after a hard night of partying. If you've been drinking beer and/or hard liquor all night, not much is going to save you from calling a cab or ride-share service, including coffee. We've seen the scenario play out in movies. Bartenders have offered coffee to inebriated patrons, and they're suddenly fine. But there's little scientific proof that shows coffee will reverse the effects of alcohol (via UAMS Health). Similarly, if you're suffering from a hangover, a light breakfast, rather than coffee — which can actually make a hangover worse since caffeine constricts blood vessels — is a better cure for what ails you (via CNN).