Why Everyone Is Talking About Chipotle's New Menu Addition

There is a certain thrill that comes when we successfully order a quesadilla from Chipotle because for one, it doesn't exist as an item on the actual menu. And no matter how much we beg, we should count ourselves lucky that the chain is willing to make them at all. Last year, Business Insider reported that Chipotle wasn't looking to bring the dish out of the shadows since preparing it also means slowing down counter service, which was designed to deliver burritos and burrito bowls at lightning speed. 

But there's no denying that the quesadilla is tasty, and even company CEO Brian Niccol is a fan. "The quesadilla is really good, because there's nothing better than a really hot tortilla," Niccol told Business Insider. "[And] our tortillas are fabulous. They're really hot and you put our chicken or barbacoa in there with some cheese and then ... you can dip it in some guac. It's just really, really good." No wonder, then, that even if it isn't on the menu, the quesadilla is Chipotle's best-selling non-menu item (via Delish).

Chipotle is testing the quesadilla as a limited, app-only offer

So it shouldn't perhaps surprise us that the winds of change have come at last, and Eat This, Not That! says Chipotle seems finally ready to bring their mythical take on the quesadilla into the light. The chain is reportedly testing out the quesadilla, but only as a digital-only offer; which means that if a quesadilla is what you want, what you really really want, you'll need to go online to find it as a legit menu item. And that's not all — the testing is only taking place in Cleveland and Indianapolis.

If the quesadilla makes the transition from Chipotle's worst-kept food secret to an actual menu item in all locations, it could be joining the chain's popular, equally mouthwatering carne asada, which the company also says it is considering as a permanent offer. Carne asada made it debut as a limited-time offer in September 2019 and proved to be a hit on several fronts because not only was it tasty, it also brought new guests to the store (via Business Insider). Two new menu items, Chipotle? Maybe we'll get lucky.