The Starbucks Secret Menu Drink Everyone's Talking About This Summer

Whether you are after a cold brew morning jolt or something to cool you off in the heat of the day, Starbucks has something for everyone this summer. But the latest secret menu drink is perfect for those who pride themselves on checking off every color of the Starbucks rainbow. Though the coffee chain did recently release a Golden Ginger Drink, the new secret menu yellow drink was created by Totally The Bomb and rounds out every possible color of Starbucks drink in the rainbow (via Delish).

The new yellow drink comes in both the original version and a skinny version, so if you're watching your calories this summer, be sure to order the lighter take that only has 80 calories. Both have a base of coconut milk, agave, and green tea lemonade, which makes it slightly sweet but refreshing all the same. It's important to order a Venti so you can really taste all of the tropical flavors, and the drink isn't too heavy so the larger size shouldn't be too much.

How to order a yellow drink at Starbucks

To order this fruity concoction, you'll start by ordering a Venti green tea lemonade shaken over ice with coconut milk and four agaves to get the right amount of sweetness (via Totally The Bomb). A regular Venti green tea lemonade is about 140 calories without the agave or coconut milk, so it will definitely be a higher calorie drink (via Starbucks).

The skinny version follows the same order, but instead of a Venti green tea lemonade, start with an unsweetened green tea lemonade as the base. That's really all there is to this delicious secret menu item.

Even if a blue drink isn't possible, we're excited that the Starbucks rainbow is complete courtesy of Totally The Bomb. Now, just in time for the end of Pride month, customers can order every color of the Starbucks rainbow including purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, and green drinks.