Why You Should Never Ignore The Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer

Trader Joe's has a cult following with good reason, but mega fans of the store are definitely missing out if they are ignoring the Fearless Flyer. The chain's own promotional flyer fills customers in on more than what's on sale — the pamphlet packs in quirky, old-fashioned cartoons, comical product descriptions, and the upcoming seasonal items to look out for during your next shopping trip (via Trader Joe's).

Because Trader Joe's is constantly updating its shelves with interesting new products, the flyer is really the best way to make sure you don't miss out on trying something you might have overlooked before. What we love even more about the newsletter is that it often tells the stories behind many of the new or seasonal items (via Epicurious). Those stories are often hard-earned, too, as Trader Joe's continues to employ an elite crew of food buyers who literally scour the globe to find and bring you those new and delicious treats. Not to mention, it can help you understand what a product tastes like so you can decide if it is something you might like (via Mental Floss).

Make the most of the digital Fearless Flyer

There's something about receiving the physical newsletter in the mail that we love. It's like reading a real book — turning the pages in your hand just feels right. But, we completely understand if you want to cut down on paper with the digital Fearless Flyer instead.

Whether you subscribe via email or check the Fearless Flyer page on Trader Joe's website, you will find the monthly shopping list with all of the new products online. If you prefer to browse digitally but still want the shopping list, you can print it off. Once you have the list in hand, just use a pen to mark off what you want to buy. Don't forget, you can try almost anything in the store before buying it. So, if you aren't sure about the latest find, ask a store associate to open a container for you to try.