How Many Grandchildren Does Paula Deen Have?

Celebrity chef Paula Deen is blessed with six grandchildren via her sons Bobby and Jamie. Jamie has three sons representing both the oldest and also youngest Deen family members with wife Brook. Youngest son Davis joined brothers Jack and Matthew (via IMDB) in the spring of 2020 (via Instagram). The proud father's social media is simply filled with smiling pictures of these happy kids, and the frequent hashtag #my3sons. While there are frequent photos, Jamie doesn't offer many lengthy explanations, but you can clearly see he's over the moon as he shares this post, "Happy Mother's Day to Brooke! You are our sunshine! #family #my3sons" (via Instagram).

Paula also has grandchildren through her stepchildren with husband Michael Groover for a total of ten as far as we can tell, although much less is publicly known about these kids. In his book My Delicious Life with Paula Deen, Groover acknowledges his daughter Michelle and son Anthony. At New Year's 2019 she celebrated 9 grandkids (little Davis wasn't born yet). "One of the best parts of getting older is adding more grandchildren to my brood, and with Bobby and Claudia's brand-new, beautiful triplets, I now have a whoppin' 9 grandchildren—7 grandboys and 2 grandgirls," she writes on her blog

Fortunately, we know a bit more about the triplets.

Triple the fun, more babies mean more smiles

If one more grandbaby is nice, getting three at once must provide triple the joy. Bobby Deen and wife Claudia welcomed triplets in 2018. The trio were born early and spent significant time in the hospital, but are all reportedly doing well now. Shares mom Claudia, "Amelia was born at 2lbs and spent 121 days in the NICU. Linton was born at 1lb 12oz and spent 100 days in the NICU. Olivia was born at 1lb 11oz and spent 91 days in the NICU" (via Instagram). As for her thoughts on their loving family, mom Claudia shares a Father's Day salute to restaurateur dad Bobby, "We thank God every night for having you in our lives  We love how much you make us laugh and how our days are so much brighter because you are part of them. You are one of the main reasons why we are thriving and we look forward to making many more memories with you by our side."


And in the words of grandma, Guinny, herself, "And while I hate seein' them grow older, I love seein' their fun, unique personalities develop" (via Paula Deen).