You Shouldn't Order Lemonade At Wendy's. Here's Why

One of the best parts about going to fast food is picking up a large cup you can fill with a really refreshing beverage, especially on a hot day. If you're not into sodas, and you happen to be at Wendy's, chances are you'd be looking to order an all-natural lemonade, which, judging from its name, will be as natural as juice squeezed out of the fruit itself. 

Granted, the beverage isn't called "fresh" lemonade, so Wendy's could possibly be forgiven for fudging the drink a bit, because it lists water, lemon juice, lemon pulp, lemon juice concentrate, and natural flavors. But what if we told you that even calling the drink "all-natural" would be a stretch on any level?

Wendy's employees aren't squeezing lemons for the lemonade

When Reddit turned to its own members to ask what fast food workers would never recommend to their customers, the one item that constantly seemed to come up was Wendy's lemonade. One Redditor noted that he lemonade usually came out of a carton and was mixed with tap water. Another Redditor claimed that the "all-natural" label was a lie, and the beverage was actually the result of frozen concentrate and that you'd be better off ordering Minute Maid from the dispensers.

Their comments were echoed by a co-worker who told Insider, "Yes, there are sliced lemons in that display pitcher, but where I worked, they were just for show. I hate to break it to you, but the lemonade we would make at my store was just about as 'fresh' as the powder you mix with water at home. And it calls for a ton of white sugar — like, a ton. So think about that the next time you go for a large."

With 190 calories, 25 mg of sodium, and 50 grams of carbohydrates of which 47 grams are sugar for a small, and 380 calories, 50 grams of sodium, and 99 grams of which 93 grams are sugar for a large, we recommend you skip the lemonade and go straight for a cup of ice water.