How To Turn Ketchup Into Ice Cream

Condiment brand Heinz is trying to help you get into the summer spirit by releasing a creative new line of DIY ice cream kits. According to Fox News, the sauce company has released five different "Creamz Kits" in flavors inspired by some of their most popular products — Ketchup, Mayo, Salad Cream, BBQ, and MayoChup. The Ketchup-flavored Creamz Kit is so incredibly popular it appears to have already sold out online. Each kit comes with one bottle of whatever condiment the ice cream is meant to taste like, a recipe card, a golden ice cream scoop, a reusable storage tub emblazoned with the Heinz logo, and a golden spoon. These kits retail for £15 (or around $17) and are currently only available in the U.K.

This limited, location-based availability does make some sense, as ketchup ice cream has gone viral in this part of the world in the past. Delish reported in May of 2018 that Irish ice cream shop Gelati caused quite a stir online after running a promotion where they offered a free scoop of the condiment-flavored frozen treat to any person attending one of the Ed Sheeran concerts being held in Dublin that weekend. Sheeran is well known for being a huge ketchup fan, and even has a tattoo of the Heinz Ketchup logo on his arm.

You can make Heinz Ketchup Creamz at home without the kit

Curious about ketchup ice cream but don't live in the U.K.? Heinz has generously released a recipe for their Ketchup Creamz on the Heinz to Home blog for those of us who were too late to snatch up the coveted kit (or can't make the trip abroad). The recipe takes about 15 minutes of active preparation and another four hours or so to fully chill, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to try to recreate this frozen, scarlet oddity.

To make four servings of Heinz Ketchup Creamz you will need double cream (aka whipping cream or heavy cream in the U.S., according to domestic maven Nigella Lawson,) condensed milk, whole milk, Heinz ketchup, a whisk, a bowl, and a freezer-safe container. First, simply chill all the ingredients for one hour in the fridge and then whisk them all together until they are fully incorporated and the mixture forms soft peaks. This step is much easier if you have an electric or stand mixer, but can definitely be done by hand with a little elbow grease. 

Once the peaks are just beginning to hold their form, pour the mixture into an ice cream tub or another freezer-safe container and chill till firm, about three hours. Heinz suggests pairing the ketchup flavored ice cream with crumbled meringue or raspberry coulis, and enjoying on a hot summer day.