Here's Why You Should Be Drinking Coffee From Aldi

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But first, coffee? Oh, we get it. Everything's a little blurry before that cup o' joe brings it all into focus... until the afternoon slump hits, and it's time for a shot of java again. That Starbucks habit is getting a little pricey, though, isn't it? Even if you're forgoing the frothy, flavored drinks in favor of some basic brew, your starting price is around $2, depending upon your location; same with Dunkin' (per Fast Food Menu Prices). Considering that 64 percent of Americans have at least one cup of coffee a day (via Reuters), and that the average American spends $1,100 on coffee a year (per MSNBC), we probably could stand to find a more affordable way to caffeinate ourselves... aside from drinking less of the stuff (which of course is off the table).

Good news! Aldi's coffee is much more affordable than a 'Bux visit, and java junkies think it's on par with Starbucks and DD... and maybe even better. A coffee-addicted couple who didn't have time for their usual morning to-go cups made themselves some Aldi German Roasted Regular Ground Coffee in a moment of pure desperation. The result, reported in The Kitchn, was, "it blew our minds!" Reddit is filled with similar stories: "I'll never buy Starbucks beans again!" raved user playback0wnz.

Aldi has cheap coffee for your French press, coffee maker, or Keurig, or you can buy their Expressi machine

Forget how do you take your coffee — how do you make your coffee? French press, old-school Mr. Coffee, or a pop-in-a-pod method like a Keurig? There really isn't an answer to this question that won't result in you finding a great buy on a solid brew from Aldi. If you grind your own beans — which you can do with a food processor if you don't own a coffee grinder — you can find Fair Trade whole beans at Aldi for $4.99 that will rock your world (via Aldi Reviewer). Ground coffee options range from flavored to light and medium to a robust, dark roast that actually does not taste burnt, all for $4 per 12 ounces (per Pure Wow).

If you own a Keurig machine, you're likely used to paying 60 cents to $1 per K-cup for Starbucks (per Amazon). Aldi's SimplyNature Organic brand of K-cups gets a thumbs up from coffee lovers and is around half that price (via I Got It At Aldi).

Now, if you really fall in love with Aldi coffee, you might want to consider investing in Aldi's version of the Nespresso machine, which they call Expressi and only accepts Aldi coffee, espresso, and milk pods designed for this high-end espresso-making contraption; at $149, it's half the price of Nespresso, and is "barista quality," per Yahoo! Finance