Gavin Jobe: What This Famous Chopped Winner Is Doing Now

Were you cheering for him in October 2017, when Gavin Jobe won his episode of Chopped by making an Asian noodle bowl, a Sauce Gribiche, and plum ice cream and moist microwave cake (via The Advocate)? The then co-owner of Pelican House House Bar and Tap Room (in Baton Rouge, LA) and Meribo (an Italian restaurant in Covington, LA) did not go on to win the grand finale of "Chopped: Alton's Challenge." That honor went to Chris Holland (via The Advocate and Hudson Valley). You, like other fans might nonetheless still remember him for his hipster beard, insufferable arrogance (via Twitter) and "preening putzery" (via Prime Timer).  

But those impressions (sans the beard, which Jobe is still rocking) may all be thanks to the show business. At least, these days, his social media updates seem (yes, a bit hipster but) surprisingly down to earth. What has Gavin Jobe been up to since winning chopped? If Instagram is to be believed, he's a family guy. In May 2018, he took some time off the restaurant business to go on a honeymoon at Hang Out Music Festival on the palm-tree strewn beaches of the Gulf of Mexico with his wife, i.e., his "Viking Queen" (via Instagram). His daughter also hangs around his restaurants, where she tells Jobe's chefs that Jobe would "fight a lion and a bear for her" (via Instagram). 

Other than that? Jobe's busy making waves in Louisiana food scene. 

How Gavin Jobe is changing Louisiana's food scene

Jobe's Pelican House House Bar and Tap Room closed less than six months after Gavin Jobe won his episode of Chopped (via WAFB), but for Jobe the closure was just the start of new ventures. In 2018, Gove expanded his operations to New Orleans, opening Meribo Pizza (a take on his Meribo Covington location) and Dirty South Sammich Co (via PopSugar and Chef Gavin Jobe). What's he serving at his New Orleans haunts?

At Dirty South Sammich Co, you can order yourself a heaping helping of chili, pimentos, cheese, and tater tots (via Instagram). Or, if you prefer, take a bite of their Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich, which has rave reviews on Yelp. At Meribo Pizza, on the other hand, you can sample pizzas made with unique, (where possible) locally-sourced toppings. Like what? Try Thai chili macerated Chilton County peaches (via Instagram), Yukon potatoes and ham hock jam, and Calabrian chilis, smoked pork, and ricotta (via Meribo Pizza).