The Real Reason You Should Never Buy Soda At Aldi

While we love Aldi for its many deals on its brand of products, there are some items you should just avoid. Since name-brand soda can get expensive, it can be tempting to reach for the budget grocery store's sodas. But you might be better off saving your dollars. Even though some of Aldi's products are surprisingly high quality, soda is definitely not one of those items. From the taste to the mouthfeel, Summit GT sodas just aren't exactly right, even with the really low price tag (via Reader's Digest). 

That's why you should really just look for your favorite brand of soda on sale at other stores where you might be a part of the rewards program. With a coupon, the name-brand sodas you love will not only taste better than Summit GT soda, but you could also save more with a coupon than you would by buying them at Aldi (via Cheat Sheet).

Why cheaper doesn't pass

There are a few things that really make good, high-quality soda, and those two characteristics are largely the bubbles and the signature cola flavor. Unfortunately, the cheaper Summit GT soda doesn't exactly meet either of these criteria. The Aldi soda tends to be fairly flat compared to name-brand sodas. So, if you're someone who primarily drinks soda for the carbonation, then you will probably feel let down by the lack of bubbles.

While The Aldi Nerd found that the regular cola had a pretty good flavor when compared to Coca-Cola, the diet version is way off on flavor. Apparently the diet doesn't taste anything like Coca-Cola or Pepsi, but has its own distinct flavor.

If you still really want to try Summit GT Cola or Diet Cola to form your own opinion, we totally understand. At $2.25 for a 12-pack, it is really cheap soda. Just be prepared for what's inside the can. Besides, if it is truly awful, you can always take the pack back to Aldi for a full refund.