Why You Should Think Twice About Getting A Hamburger From Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is a frozen favorite across the nation. The Blizzard is a household name for mixed ice cream, thick shake, topping-filled goodness. There's no question about whether they know sweet, but does Dairy Queen know EAT? Dairy Queen describes its hamburger as a "100 percent beef patty, pickles, ketchup and mustard served on a warm toasted bun." Formerly you could only get grilled food at DQ from locations called a Brazier, although with modern rebranding that title has mostly been phased out – you either see a burger on the menu or you don't (via Thrillist). 

Now more commonly you'll find a DQ Grill & Chill (via Serious Eats). If you consider the basic burger for what it is, it's definitely edible and the simple hamburger is likely to make kids happy. However, whether the happiness comes from the burger, or the expectation of ice cream after dinner is definitely up for debate. One Redditor sums up the experience, "You're thinking the whole time...this is going to be terrible...just...terrible...then it's better than you expect...and when you finish you're thinking...not the best burger I've ever eaten but I'd have it again...then you don't go back for 6 months and you do it all again. Also... Blizzards."

DQ is an ice cream expert

So is it that the burger is bad? A simple hamburger boasts 350 calories and 670 milligrams of sodium – and that's just the kids plain hamburger. Healthwise, there are definitely better options. In 2016, Business Insider contributors Marina Nazario and Hollis Johnson described DQ's fast-food menu as "the worst in the industry." After trying a mushroom burger, they wrote, "What was that rubbery thing we bit into? Oh, that's a mushroom. The texture of the burger is very unsettling." However, a Redditor had better luck with a different burger: "I love burgers with a little spice, and the Flamethrower is one of the best. Love it." 

But one reviewer on Reddit describes the real problem – the DQ burger just isn't ice cream. "It's pretty generic with the only highlight being the Flamethrower burger which is still just alright. The only time I've gone to DQ is if I'm in the mood for a Blizzard." 

It seems it's all about managing expectations. With frozen treats that are the ultimate in sweet and creamy craveability, the ice cream is SO good, that makes a decent burger seem so much less. Our ultimate advice – visit Dairy Queen for the Blizzard.