Iron Chef Winner Reveals What She Would Never Order At A High-End Restaurant - Exclusive

When it comes to what fine food should taste like, you don't get more expert-level than Chef Anita Lo, who was a contestant in both Top Chef Masters and Iron Chef, in which she defeated competitor Mario Batali. Chef Lo didn't just write the book on fine cooking – she actually wrote two: Solo: A Modern Cookbook for a Party of One, and Cooking Without Borders. Her restaurant, Annisa, won the prestigious three-star rating from The New York Times, and she's also a Michelin winner. Chef Lo's cuisines have delighted the pickiest palates in the world; she even cooked for President Barack Obama at the White House in 2015. 

So what does Chef Anita Lo eat when she's not in front of the stove, but seated expectantly at a fine restaurant, a menu placed in her hands? In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Chef Lo revealed that there is one entree she does not order when eating at a high-end restaurant.

Chef Anita Lo says it's not worth it to order the steak

If you're craving something juicy, stay home and cook a steak — don't spend your hard-earned money on it, Chef Lo said. "I personally don't go to steak restaurants just because it's so expensive," she explained. "I tend to just buy my steak because I know how to cook it and I think I save a lot of money that way." Of course, the steaks Chef Lo makes at home are going to be tasty; surely, your ordinary home cook can't whip up something so delicious? But Lo insists that with a little knowledge, all of us can make a good steak. "There's some really great home cooks out there that make their own cheese!" Chef Lo added. "I believe in people's abilities," she added. "I've always found people could learn how to cook. It's not rocket science!"

To help food lovers get more comfortable in the kitchen, Chef Lo is joining an all-star lineup alongside famous chefs Paul Liebrandt and David Burke, to teach in a Master Series of virtual cooking courses on CocuSocial. She'll be demonstrating a fish stew that can be prepared in under 30 minutes. "This is a good introductory dish that most people love and that's endlessly adaptable and it's easy," Lo explained.

Be sure to reserve your spot in Chef Lo's virtual cooking class on CocuSocial, which will be taught on August 16th.