The New Mountain Dew Flavor People Can't Stop Talking About

Mountain Dew has really stepped up the range of flavors their drinks offer lately, so it's no surprise that they have unleashed a new delicious drink to try this summer. Just like recent launches such as Southern Shock, Liberty Brew, and Frost Bite are all limited-edition flavors, Spark, the new Raspberry Lemonade flavor of Moutain Dew, will only be around for a little while as well (via Delish). Fortunately, we are holding onto Maui Burst, another new flavor, permanently. 

While the first murmurings about Spark Raspberry Lemonade Mountain Dew were leaked earlier this year in March, no one was certain if the surprising new flavor would ever make it into production. The original photo leaked on Reddit was taken from a sample taken at a PepsiCo plant (via Taste of Home). Mountain Dew actually released a similar flavor a few years ago that did not last long, so some were concerned Spark wouldn't survive. But now that it has officially made it to store shelves, everyone seems to be very excited to try this new summery flavor.

What you need to know about Mountain Dew Spark

Apart from being a limited edition soda, Spark Raspberry Lemonade Mountain Dew is more than just a limited-time product. It is also being exclusively sold at Speedway gas stations. When you consider the packaging, which features a label with a checkered race flag border and a fierce-looking race car with sharp teeth, it makes a lot of sense. So, in order to try this new flavor of soda, you will have to make your way to one of these gas stations.

The drink itself appears to be a ruby red-orange color, and you should also know the flavor isn't solely raspberry lemonade. The fruity lemonade flavor is layered over the original Mountain Dew flavor, which means you'll taste the classic drink with a burst of the new raspberry lemonade on top. The label also says the drink has other natural flavors.

Overall, it sounds like a really refreshing drink just in time for the dog days of summer. So, find a local Speedway and drop in to pick one up. Remember, if you end up loving this drink, you should stock up now before they're all gone.