You Should Never Reheat Fish In The Microwave. Here's Why

Some foods, as we know, just flop once they're microwaved — both figuratively and literally. Along with chewy pizza and soggy fried chicken, reheated fish certainly fits the bill: It's sad, dry, and, let's be real, unavoidably odorous. Apart from the aroma that will inevitably waft through your kitchen (or worse, your workplace, where all your colleagues will smell it), sticking fish in the microwave will ruin its texture. Fish is generally delicate, light, and flaky, and it doesn't deserve to be zapped with a high-powered machine — it'll most likely end up parched and overcooked (via The Kitchn).

Now that we've saved you (and your coworkers) from the horrors of microwaved fish, let's explore the alternatives. Turn to the oven: While it will take longer to reheat the fish, you'll find that a gentle, slow reheating method won't kill its moisture. Warming the oven to 275 degrees will allow you to properly reheat the fillets in about 15 minutes, according to The Kitchn. Plus, you can use foil, parchment paper, or some sprinklings of water to ensure that the fish won't dry out in your oven.

You could also learn to appreciate a cold fish

Reheating in the oven is perfect if you're prepping dinner or having company over. But if you're at work or on the go, chances are you won't have access to a full-sized oven. That doesn't mean you should forgo fish immediately: Fish are superfoods, packed with components like omega-3 fatty acids, which aid development, lower risk of disease, and could even help battle depression, according to Healthline.

So if you're intent on keeping up your fish intake, but still want to mitigate the downfalls of microwaved fish, why not eat it cold? There are seemingly endless options when it comes to leftover fish: Blend salmon with cream cheese and lemon juice for a cold salmon spread. Toss it into a pasta salad. Make some fish cakes and eat them cold. Fish, depending on what kind, can find its way into a sandwich, a salad, or on some cute little crostinis. Why limit yourself? And that's not even getting into the wonderful world of poke bowls, cold-smoked salmon, and ceviche. Your microwave will be saved from unsavory scents, and your taste buds will be equally grateful.