You Won't Want To Order Edible Arrangements After Reading This

Nothing says "I didn't know what to get you" like a cumbersome bouquet of fruit from Edible Arrangements. We can't deny that the concept is creative. Flower-shaped pineapple slices. Strawberries resembling chocolate truffles. It's strangely reminiscent of those frosted cakes you see on the internet that really turn out to be giant slices of watermelon (via Epicurious). As though you've reached the end of an M. Night Shyamalan movie, you feel completely gobsmacked and deceived.

The company has been selling the colorful fruit bouquets for more than two decades, and we can't lie: The business has enjoyed widespread success. It has 900 stores, according to Business Insider. That's quite an empire for some skewered cantaloupe balls.

And, since the coronavirus outbreak, Edible Arrangements has continued to see success, offering free delivery of a new, simple product: boxes of fruit and veggies, minus the fancy arrangement. Adapting to a fluctuating market, according to Forbes, allows businesses like Edible Arrangements to stay afloat and even thrive during the pandemic.

But not all customers and employees are satisfied. According to one Reddit user who claims to be an Edible Arrangements employee, the company "mushy/moldy strawberries" from distributors and chooses to use the old fruit anyway. "If it's just a little bloop of mold (strawberry still looks big and red otherwise) we'll dip it in chocolate and hide the mold," the user added. Disgruntled internet user or whistleblower? We'll let you decide (via Delish).

Angry customers, overripe fruit

If you sift through the internet long enough, you'll find some pretty vicious product reviews for most companies. Edible Arrangements is no exception. Wading into review territory reveals some dissatisfied customer reviews telling fruit-related horror stories of spoiled, rotten, and foul-smelling Edible Arrangements, according to Yelp reviews based in New York City.

Still, there are some die-hard fans. The same Yelp page includes glowing reviews from fruit-lovers, touting Edible Arrangements as a great Mother's Day gift.

Whether the fruit is high-quality, or on the verge of becoming compost, there's one thing we can't get behind when it comes to Edible Arrangements: the prices. While it can't be easy to cut and arrange fresh fruit, it is costly. Even when purchasing the company's new product, a simple box of fruit, you're stuck paying $34.99 for what could amount to 12 apples and 12 oranges, according to the company's website. For decorative arrangements, prices can range from $30 to hundreds of dollars, depending on the quantity of fruit you're ordering.

Maybe this is the time to start making your own Edible Arrangements? Apparently, it's possible to take a DIY approach, according to Tastemade. Grab some cookie cutters, kale leaves, fruit, and you're all set.