Costco's Latest Pre-Made Dessert Has Mouths Watering

Coscto is known for selling large portions, but this is one time where they might need an even bigger box. As one Instagrammer jokes, "Is that real life? Great now I need to go to Costco tomorrow." These mouth-watering apple pie rolls have hit the shelf again, as shared on Instagram (via Instagram): "They're back!  I spotted these delicious Summ! Apple Pie Rolls at Costco again! These are made like spring rolls and also include a yummy caramel sauce. I absolutely adore these with some vanilla ice cream too! ($9.59, item no. 1259347)." Made by Sum-m!, this fusion of Asian-American goodness is also simple to cook — simply toss onto a baking sheet at 375 for 14 to 16 minutes. 

This flavor fusion might remind some of the Taco Bell Caramel Apple Empanada with cinnamon, gooey filling, crunchy outside, and a sweet hit of caramel sauce. For the health-forward, this is, fortunately, a better option. The oven-baking reduces the calories otherwise found in fryer oils, and by drizzling your own caramel you can control your sugar intake. The biggest catch — these delicious pie bites are only available in limited locations. Right now, you can find them in the Midwest, and soon they'll be in Texas. You can also try Sum-m! products list of locations for additional shopping options, but if you can't grab any at your local Costco, you can even make your own with a simple recipe.

The perfect sweet, salty, crunchy bite

The concept for creating (and cooking) apple pie bites yourself is simple. The recipe is basically apple pie filling with an egg roll wrapper paired with caramel sauce. Now, you can create all this delicious goodness from scratch (via Tasty) or you can add a few cheats into the mix. Apple pie filling can be purchased ready-made, as can caramel sauce and frozen or refrigerated egg roll wrappers. Once you get these three components, the next steps are the same.

Scoop two spoonfuls of filling onto the egg roll wrapper, which you should have laid out in diamond shape. Tuck in all the edges so no filling leaks out, and then you'll want to roll it up. Use a dab of water to get the edges to stick. Fry the egg rolls in batches in hot oil that has reached a temperature of 350 degrees. About four rolls per batch is best — unless you have an extremely large or small pan. Set these tasty morsels aside to cool and drain, then dust with powdered sugar and have some caramel for dipping. Your result will be the perfect mix of sweet, salty, and crunchy. Experiment with additional fruits or a salted or smoked caramel sauce.