You should never reheat Chinese food in the microwave. Here's why

Chinese food is sort of like pizza: There's nothing more indulgent than digging into it when it's steamy and fresh. Then, the next day, it's still pretty tasty when you eat it cold. But reheating it — namely in the microwave — can destroy the entire experience.

We're not exaggerating. There are several reasons you should skip the microwave when it comes to Chinese takeout, no matter how convenient it might seem. First, your takeout container may not be microwave-safe, according to Live Science. And that little metal handle on the side of your favorite Chinese restaurant's cute, paper carton? That's a potential fire hazard, so leave it far, far away from the microwave (via Today).

We've established that microwaving your Chinese takeout is dicey. But there's more to takeout etiquette: Reheating Chinese food in the microwave simply makes it taste bad. Who wants to eat soggy noodles or rock-hard rice? 

Opt for the stovetop

Luckily, reheating takeout isn't rocket science. Instead of dumping everything into the microwave, go for the stovetop. If you heat your General Tso's chicken or your shrimp lo mein over a pan with some oil, you're saving the texture. You can even get fancy and season it with some soy sauce (via Tasting Table). If your pan and oil are sizzling and hot, it will better ensure that your leftovers will emerge crispy, not soggy (via The Kitchn).

And, if you're stuck with a tub of white rice that became cold, hard, and bland overnight, you've got a world of options, according to Bon Appétit. You can pan-fry the rice on a hot skillet with soy sauce and sesame oil. You can simmer the rice with milk until you've got the base for a soft rice pudding. And if you must reheat the white rice via your trusty microwave, Bon Appétit suggests draping a wet towel over the bowl: This will create steam, eliminating the usual dry rice you'd get from a microwave oven.