The Unexpected Ingredient Kylie Jenner Adds To Avocado Toast

Celebrities: They're just like us. They order burgers, love avocado toast, and have a hard time deciding between sweet and savory when it comes to brunch. Even celebrity personality Kylie Jenner encounters these everyday events of the common person. Comforting, right?

The almost-billionaire recently posted a creative twist on avocado toast, topping the classic breakfast snack with red pepper flakes, salt, and honey, according to Delish. And the murky world of social media is filled with culinary feedback, including: "Nobody cares that there's a bowl of avocados on your counter my gawd," according to one Twitter user.

The whole "honey" part seems to be throwing some commentators into disarray. Even Buzzfeed ran a poll asking users if they'd opt for honey on avocado toast. (So far, it's a pretty close vote, though slightly more voters said they would try it.) But in reality, Jenner's recipe isn't so unusual. In fact, it seems she has some culinary tricks up her (probably-designer) sleeves.

Kylie's toast game is pretty sweet

Let's take a leaf from another celebrity's literal book: Samin Nosrat, chef and author of Salt Fat Acid Heat, proposes that those four elements allow for good, flavorful, balanced meals. While we're not sure about Jenner's summer reading list, it is obvious that her avocado toast concoction fits the bill for a potentially good breakfast. The salt emphasizes flavor, while the avocado provides a soft, rich fat. The acidity of the honey and hot pepper helps to balance out that rich avocado flavor. Adding heat to the sourdough bread turns the slice from something floppy and bland to something crispy and complex.

Salt, fat, acid, heat. We're kind of impressed. But while Jenner's toast tricks are kind of nice, honey has provided an exciting addition to savory foods for centuries at least. It's mixed into stir fry, folded into polenta, drizzled onto poached salmon and crispy chicken. More recently, hot honey — a type of honey infused with chile peppers — has made it onto pizzas, thanks to an experimental cook who got his inspiration traveling in Brazil (via Taste). 

If you're going to try Jenner's recipe, we recommend infusing your own honey with your favorite chile peppers: It distributes the spiciness more evenly, while taking away the grainy bits of red pepper. It's not difficult. According to Bon Appétit, the spicy-sweet concoction can be made when you cook honey with peppers over low heat. Maybe Kylie Jenner can try it next time. Who knows?