This Viral TikTok Hack Will Save Your Stained Plastic Containers

No one loves having gross-looking stains on their plastic containers after storing something like spaghetti or some other greasy leftovers. It seems like no matter how many times you wash or soak the plastic container, there is always a little more discoloration or residue that will just not come off. Luckily, one viral TikTok video has introduced a hack to users that will solve just this dilemma (via Insider). 

TikTok user Adi Kempler recently shared a tip for cleaning her plastic food storage containers that her stepmom taught her. Kempler explained, "She's been doing it for years prior to getting nicer glass containers, so she gave me the tip when I was having trouble getting rid of stains." In no time at all, the video earned 4 million views with more than half a million likes (via Buzzfeed). In fact, it became so viral, the official Tupperware brand actually sent her new containers, which she showed off in another video on her TikTok page.

How to put the TikTok hack to use

The best part of her tip is that it takes about a minute to do and uses kitchen staples that you definitely already have on hand. So, after learning Kempler's hack, there will be no "soaking" excuse to use for putting off washing your leftovers containers.

All you have to do to use her TikTok hack is squirt a bit of dish soap into the stained container, add some warm water, and drop several pieces of torn-up paper towel in. Next, use the matching lid to seal the stained container. Make sure it's closed well, because you'll take the container and shake it for about 45 seconds to a minute, and no one wants dirty, soapy water spilling out onto themselves or in the kitchen. Just rinse it out afterward, and you should have a clean container.

Even Kempler said she didn't believe it would work at first, but she's clearly a believer now. Other TikTokers have tried it with varying results, so you'll have to see how it works for your containers.