The Newest Girl Scout Cookie Has Everyone Talking

Girl Scout cookie fans should start planning their orders now because there's a new cookie coming to the lineup next year. While there's nothing like a box of classic Thin Mints, peanut butter patty Tagalongs, or even cult-favorite Samoas (which are sometimes called Caramel deLites), this new flavor of cookie is really changing up the classic-flavor game. In fact, it's drawing inspiration from a beloved breakfast dish.

Over the years, the occasional new flavor has been added, but most Girl Scout cookies remained within the relatively tame realm of cookie flavors like shortbread, lemon, chocolate, peanut butter, or caramel. This new flavor of cookies, which is being called Toast-Yay!, is turning classic French toast into dessert form. "When Girl Scout Cookie season returns, Toast-Yay! will give consumers a new way to celebrate these moments alongside other favorites," Girl Scouts of USA said in a press release (via People). So you'll want to get your go-to cookies — but also try this new flavor.

While 1.7 million Girl Scouts had to move their cookie sales online this year due to the novel coronavirus, the organization is already thinking ahead to the 2021 Girl Scout cookie season. Some locations might return to in-person sales, but others may have virtual cookie booths for customers to buy from. Either way, come January 2021, this delicious new French toast flavor will officially be part of the lineup.

What you need to know about the Toast-Yay! Girl Scout Cookie

Fortunately, Delish got a sneak peek and a sample of the new Toast-Yay! Girl Scout cookies and they make the treat sound incredible. According to the publication, the new cookies are very large and are actually shaped like a piece of sliced bread. Though the top of the cookie looks like toast with a crust and everything, the bottom side of the crisp cookie is actually dipped in icing.

Delish assures readers that the cookie is very good and that you'll only need to eat one or two to be satisfied since they are so big. It is also very apparent from the photo that this cookie will not come in the colorful Girl Scout cookie boxes you're familiar with. Instead, it appears in a grocery store-style cookie box with a plastic wrap around a tray of cookies.

So, mentally prepare for a potential departure from the hallmarks of traditional Girl Scout cookie season that you know and love while your mouth waters in anticipation. The cookie will only be available to select markets apparently, but definitely try to get your hands on a package.