Want Creamy Mac And Cheese With Less Fat? Try This Easy Trick

Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food thanks to its creamy and cheesy ingredients. Not to mention that everyone loves the crunchy cheese that's on top of baked mac and cheese, even if stovetop mac and cheese is easier. But if you consider how much fatty dairy goes into the dish, you might be tempted to rethink how you make the pasta. Those who are looking to cut some of the fat out of their mac and cheese recipe can turn to one easy trick that replaces a key ingredient with a lighter option, though. 

While some recipes call for milk and cream on top of the eggs and cheese that go into mac and cheese, one recipe is replacing it with evaporated milk (via Jo Cooks). Using evaporated milk still gives you all of the creamy goodness you want out of mac and cheese, but it does cut out some of the fat that would be in the dish if you used milk or cream.

How to use the secret ingredient in your mac and cheese

While the Jo Cooks recipe also adds in some other unusual and flavorful ingredients like dry mustard and hot sauce, you can simply replace the milk or cream you beat the eggs into with evaporated milk. Eliminating some fat from the dish is really as easy as substituting one ingredient into the recipe you already follow. Another positive point for this substitution is that it should work for both stovetop and baked mac and cheese recipes. No more boxed mac and cheese with gross powdered cheese for you.

Besides, you are in good company if you use evaporated milk in your mac and cheese apparently. Accord to Martha Stewart, John Legend's mac and cheese recipe calls for evaporated milk in his creamy take on the classic staple. However, he also uses skim milk in addition to the canned counterpart So, give it a try for a lighter dish, and see what you think. You just might find a new way to improve a favorite.